Monday, March 16, 2009

Funny Times

Have you ever tried to make fun of someone and in the process start doing that very thing you joked about? It happens to me all the time.

After watching Javed Jaffery flaunting his English by adding a "the" in front of every word and pluralising them too - I soon picked up the lingo. So much so, that my sis and I would only talk in that way. Soon we found out that there are many more fans of this dialect and before I knew, I was interacting with all my cousins and relatives in that dialect! (I prefer to call it a dialect, cos it is a grammatically incorrect variation of the language, spoken by few people in a region - my cousins and close family in this case ;) )

Me: The Bhens! (well bhen - sister - has another on and you will know)
The Bhen: The bhens. How are yous? Where is the Rs? (R-hubby)
Me: He is the sleepings. so on it went

...till R put a stop to it taht is. He hated me speak wrong english (he still does, and I guess thanks to him I have kept many more such variations out of my language!). And well the habit was cathcing on. I found it difficult to not speak that way. Many a times in important meetings, I had to really stop myself from blurting in "the" language!

As for the bhens story, it started long years back. Back in India, the girls going to a hindi medium school would call their friends and other girls 'behen' (sister). Now there's nothing wrong with it, but when we were younger, we found it hilarious the way they referred to their friends. Guess it was the tone and style of talking that we tried to imitate...and no prizes for guessing, I call my sis Bhen and she calls me the same!

Then there is an acquaintance who pronounces a fish as a fis. There is no sound of "sh". I found it hilarious and even laughed on his face. I thought he was joking with me and we shared the same thoughts! Little did I know that he actually calls it "fis"!! And this same man, in the same conversation called "chop" as "chaap". You can imagine what I went through...From then on, I would call fish a "fis" and chop and "chaap"...till hubby put a stop to this too.

Then again there was a neighbour's house help, who would come and knock at her door in the evening. He had the most feeble voice and hand strength I have ever known. He would continue knocking and calling his boss to open the door for atleast an hour everyday. She did not have a doorbell for some time, and well this much time was enough for us to once again catch on the knocking-calling-scene and enact it everyday. Sadly hubby was nowhere in the scene at this time, so this habit of copying him went on for a looong time...

During my wedding time, we (my sis, cousins and I) were aghast to see one of hubby's relative dancing in the weirdest possible manner. It was our function and hubby and I had to be nice and clap for her, but instead I put my back to her and laughed my heart out. I am still laughing as I remember that incident. Once again, as soon as we reached home, there was a "practice" session for all of us. That dance became so popluar during our wedding time, that we even line danced on it for a special audience for another cousin's wedding. This time hubby joked along with us and he loved the performance...

As I write this post, I can't help but wonder - is it just me or you all do similar stuff as well?

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neeraj_only said...

lol....haha :D
very hilarious blog entry. We do try many fun things in our day to day life, specially among friends and siblings.

Recent "craze" in my friend circle is "fusion" i.e fusing two persons style of "talking".big humorous moments follow when we try to "fuse" two. Try this when u get chance to do so. In the mean time i shall surely try using "THE" and extra "S".

I am sure both experiments will yield more then "THE" desired outputS.

aneri_masi said...

Ohhhh yes, we all do it :) Allll the time!
And it is SO much fun, isn't it?

When we lived in an apartment, we had these Chinese neighbors, who would start saying "BYE" to their kid every morning for at least 5 minutes like this:


This went on for at least 5 minutes!

Needless to say the hubby and I also started doing it after some time. But funny enough, it stopped as soon as we moved out of there :(

Renu said...

LOL:) hilarrious,Even I have many , but cant share here:)
BTW your blog is not updating in my blog roll?

my space said...

the behns..i am the loatpoats!!I had forgotten behenji o behenji! And Jhaadu dance...remember G wth his butts ..god! I am the rollings pollings !!

Agnes said...

LOL that's too funny!!

Mampi said...

The bhens first registered in my mind as the 'bhains' as in the buffalo. Sachi. It was only later that I found its innocent use.
But then the rest of the post was not that innocent, you wicked wicked woman.

Piper .. said...

:):) yeah..I do know some people who speak in 'the' language as you put it. Though I have never ever tried it.

Shalom said...

Hee hee, this brought back so many fun memories....great post!!! My mom, sis & I are the ones with the language quirks. And now after so long, my long-suffering dad has also started talking like us :D

My thing is to rhyme, or to change the names of things. For eg: I say "Shoppers Pop" and not "Shoppers Stop". There's a supermarket chain called Nilgiris here in B'lore, which I refer to as Pilgiris or Filgiris. Oh, speaking of supermarkets reminds me of Choithrams in UAE.....I say Moithrams!!! :D :D

P.S. It's rubbing off on my hubby too now (evil laugh!!!)

DeeplyDip said...

@neeraj_only: The thank yous for stopping bys :)...your idea sounds a lot of fun too. I must try it asap :D

@aneri_masi: yes it's loads of pie - i can so imagine them saying it!!

@Renu: really? share no it would be fun reading them :)...ya i don't know what's the problem. First it as just styalogue which wouldn't update, now this one too :(

@my space: lols hai aapko! yes G was hilarious and remember how we sat at the dining table and knocked along with the behenji guy?

@Agnes: :)

@Mampi: lol!! no bhains's a simple behan or behen! am I wicked? I prefer to say that I am surrounded by funny people...not my fault you see :D

@Piper: Oh the pipers you should tries it! It is very simples and very funnys. :D

@Phalom-err-Shalom: Yes the Moithrams is a the famous shops here!'s fun to take people under you and teach them something new...especially fun stuff!

Shalom said...

LOL on Phalom!!!! :D

Reflections said...

LOL....tht was funny!!!!!
Usually people from Nepal say fis:-D...yeah its really funny & the funny part is tht when sh has to be used they say ssss:-P.

I dont suffer from this bemari as such but the same happens with life...u know like I'll say "How can a person do such a stupid thing???"
or I'll say "I'll never be caught doing tht" or I'll realise I end up doing tht same act 5-10 yrs later......I'm very careful abt judging present motto is "To each his own":-))

Summer said...

Lol.This post just reminds me lots of great and funny memories..I love this post friend..;D

Nisha said...

lols!!!u know u need like minded people to cooperate with u in ur silliness. like your bhens!and well, the R or I would say most men, are too sophisticated for this doesnt even suit them.
thank god u n ur bhens were not there on my hubby is serious competition to the jhaadu dance.
it happens all the when u r copying someones laughter, it soon becomes ur own!

hmmlife said...

very funny:)

DeeplyDip said...

@Shalom :)

@Reflections: arey many people say fis and for some stupid reason I cannot control my laughter in such a case...
ya will always try to give you what you don't want and dare you laugh at someone, you get the same thing in return...sigh...

@Summer:would love to read about them...and hey thanks for stopping by...

@Nisha: indeed it was a blessing in disguise that we didn't attend your wedding...nahi to we will not be welcomed in Bahrain ;)...vaise E more than makes up for our missing from the scene dont you think?
Ya men need to loosen up a bit and learn a fe things from us :)

@hmmlife: :)

Iya said...

the dips is the back.. with a wicked post!! i am liking it...

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