Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hum Tum

Today I'll tell you a story of a boy and a girl. Let's call the boy "Tum" and the girl "Hum". (I know I know it's not very innovative, but what the heck! What's in a name? I want to be a bit filmy too!) The story is about how Hum Tum met and fell in love - and not in a trditional way where boy sees girl, falls in love at first sight - but boy messages girl and love at first type! Yes the story of love on the internet.

It dates back to the early times when internet and chatting had just started in India. Hum had just discovered the world of chatting and dabbled her way into creating conversations with strangers. With friends spread across India and abroad, she loved being in touch with strangers and connecting with them in some way - just like we make friends on blogoshere now a days! A small picture which may/may not show how a person looks, but their writings tell a lot about them - how they think, what they like, dislike etc.
One day while chatting with her usual set of friends on the net:
Tum: Hi!
Hum: Hi
Tum: Will you marry me?
Hum(amused by the line): What?
Tum(happy to get the attention and reply of a girl): Hi, I know you
Hum(now even more attentive and curious): Really? Who are you?
Tum:(happy to get undivided attention and rapid replies): I know where you live and well you are cute!
Hum(happy to hear the comment, no matter how silly it may be): Ya right. My location is mentioned right here. And if you know me then tell me who are you?
Tum: I was just joking. We don't know each other. But you sound intelligent.
Hum(smiling at the compliment): haa, I'm not so sure
Tum: Why?
Hum: Coz I am talking to you?
Tum: Smart woman! Marry me!
And so the conversation started. An hour into the conversation, the two discussed everything under the sun from food to movies to music and books. Not to mention their love interests. It's easy to guess they were both single and ready to mingle and Tum left no stone unturned by proposing Hum to marry him after every second line typed to her!

Things were going good between the two of them. They were loving the attention each got from the other and the non-committment factor in the relationship. Each lived their lives the way they wanted, but end of the day had someone to share their thoughts, anger and emotions with. Someone - who understood them well. This continued for a while and the two got closer to each other. Unlike most internet relations, they had found a connection which confirmed the other was telling the truth about themself. This took care of a lot of worries but there was still no reason why the family would recognise such a relationship. But then who is thinking of tying the knot here? It's just timepass!
Then one fine day on their usual chat this is how the converstaion went:
Tum: Hi
Hum: Hi! how are you? What's up?
Tum was silent for 10 seconds
Hum: What happened? Did you have a fight with someone
Tum: Yes
Hum: Was it that colleague again?
Tum: Yes. I wish I had a way to deal with him. He doesn't seem to understand anything...
Even silence spoke millions of words between them. And time went by with the two of them chatting and emailing everyday for a long time. Ultimately the two got married and lived happily ever after.
Now I know you'll ask - why such a long kahaani with no twist? Why such a Sooraj Barjatiya diabetically (I wonder if that's a word!) sweet story? Aisa bhi hota hai kya? Bina dekhey shaadi et all! The guy might be fooling the girl - after all you only said that it was timepass! He might be an old harried man and she a teenager just discovering a new phase in life! Maybe they were both guys! ;) Maybe everything was fine, but what when they saw each other upfront?
But well I wrote the story coz I felt like writing something positive, something nice and yes something diabetically sweet today! Hope this post can kindle some mushiness and some romance into your life. I am now off to call my husband! :)

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Renu said...

ideal situation:) think positive and only good thing happens:) sometimes surprises are always pleasant, inadvertantly i have used oxymoron here:)

Reflections said...

Huh....did u make this up or is it real? dunno why....sounds sort of real to me:-P
We are too used to Hindi movies where 2 premis face 'adchans' at every corner....so we keep looking for trouble even if there is none;-P

DeeplyDip said...

@renu: got the point :). Yes I agree think positive and positive will happen, but that's the tricky part - at times you just land up thinking all that can and will go wrong for you!

@reflections: it is def inspired by a true story, but well I have used my imagination in some places too. I agree, we are conditioned to treat everything by the amount of hurdles it faces and if there are no 'adchans' then it's no fun...no masala to gossip about na...

my space said...

Ha ha ..Hum Tum? Kuch toh adchan aayi hogi;-)...
Sahi hain positive sochiye to positive hoga..
BTW why not sell the idea to Sooraj Barjatiya--super hit hogi filim!!

Nisha said...

i think 'hum-tum' had a lot to do in my life!!hehe
and yeah.. its exactly like mine...did u read my post on archie n veronica??

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