Friday, May 15, 2009

A bit of this and that...

I've been away for a long time (the whole of April infact) and it was touching to know you all missed me :)

Things have been a bit hectic lately, with us starting a new venture and then travelling etc etc. So I though I'll brief you up with some stuff that I've been going through this month...

My saga on hiring continues. Only this time I have managed to interview a candidate in her car! She couldn't find a parking so I she invited m to interview her in her car. This one surely goes in the list of my "memorable" interviews. (Wonder how/what one would say about such a case. What would you have done if you were in my place?)
Went to Mumbai for a couple of days and back. It was a great trip and well the weather was as bad as it is in Dubai. Rather Dubai is getting worse with the temperature soaring up to 40 degrees this week!

Our new office is going to be quite far from home so I am looking at shifting homes. It's been on the cards for a while now but I guess we are looking out more seriously now. It is a tough task finding the right place, at the right distance, at the right price - but I am looking the experience. At least till now. With the real estate market being down, we hope to be able to secure a good place. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Following IPL and the Indian Elections lately. A new blog that I have been following regularly is the Fake IPL Player. It has become a must-read for me after every game - especially if KKR was playing (or should I say losing once again ;)). And it was dissappointing to know that Mumbai had the poorest turnout this time - only 41%!! I mean after the Mumbai attacks in November, what was all that "enough is enough" campaign, and gatherings at Gateway of India for?? So many citizens writing about it, protesting on the TV, Radio etc etc, but hardly anyone turned up for voting! A long holiday with family was more important or staying at home in A/C took precedance over voting! Many people said they didn't like any candidate - so then go and chose "No One" - but don't give up your right to vote! I mean this was one concrete action they could take but did not - how can you blame anyone else ever again??

I have also been reading your blogs off and on. I am so happy Shalom is pregnant - Congratulations Shalom :), Goofy Mumma returned from her trip loooong back but I haven't written to her as yet. Hey GM I'll be heading over to your blog right away. Renu was in Switzerland (are you back?) and Mumbai Diva stopped gymming. Just a Mother of two is running a blog marathon, while Agnes is travelling yet again. Nancy met a friend who bared her soul with her. Really sad for Mishy's loss. Don't have words to console her...

Now I am heading over to your blogs to catch up on what's been happening in your lives. I might not write as often for the next couple of days, but will surely try and read all your posts.