Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wednesday on a Saturday

This weekend was once again packed with dinners and tents and well a hangover! Now that we had missed a movie(and my popcorn...hehe) on the weekend, we decided to go for one on saturday (If you are wondering that saturday IS a weekend then let me remind you I live in Dubai, where the weekend is Friday and only some lucky souls get Saturday off as well).
A Wednesday is based on the rampant bomb blasts taking place in various parts of India in the last couple of years. A great screenplay, great acting and good direction. The best part is that there are no songs - you see the situation does not demand one :). If you still have'nt seen the movie then I recommend you watch it soon. Thanks Nisha for the recommending it to me.

Loved the monolgue by Naseeruddin about pests infesting our house. I couldn't help but remember a post written by Reflections on a rat attacking her house and how she got rid of it. The movie makes you think and maybe believe that we can actually make a difference if we want to.
May all those who died in yesterday's blasts in Delhi, rest in peace. And we hope once again that the Police can nab the real culprits - maybe this time they will?

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Renu said...

even if they find the culprit, it cant bring back those who died. remedy lies in prevention and be alert before not afterwards, which our govt is adept at.Once we take strong action and show them that we can take it, but how,then how will they get the votes and chair? disgusting.
We can certainly make the difference, i also believe

my space said...

Ok ji point noted...nxt on agenda-A Wednesday..

my space said...

tagged u

DeeplyDip said...

@renu: I agree. If the police wants they can very easily trace and nip them there and then but sadly that's not how our system works. Yday NDTV was saying that India ranks second after Iraq for deaths cause by terror attacks!!We do not value people's lives the way other countries do. A compensation (maaybe) is all they would get from the govt.

@myspace: haanji dekh lena fir batana

Princess Mia said...

thanks or stopping by at my blog....will see u around here n on my diary as well :)

btw havent seen the movie yet n the delhi blasts were disgusting man...

Reflections said...

Yeah hrd tht wednesday is good. Hmmmm have to find the time to watch it:-(
Attacking innocent people with hidden bombs is the lowest thing to do. I wonder what goes on in their minds tht they think destruction is the answer to everything.

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