Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yes! I have been tagged by Reflections and Mampi! This one is about telling everyone about 5 things that I am addicted to.

When I first recived the tag, I thought this would be quite easy for me - at least the first three addictions came very easily...then I had to think more. I am now ready with all 5 so here I go:
  1. I am addicted to Tea (yes tea and tea alone and not coffee...I hate coffee!). Green tea, Oolong tea, Jasmine Tea, English breakfast, Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, Lemon tea, black tea, tea without sugar - you name any tea and I will be happy to give you company to drink it. But all said and done nothing beats an Indian masala chai - esp with ginger.

  2. I am an internet freak. Even though I was brought up in the 80s and 90s I now wonder how I survived without the net in those days! From my work to entertainment to research, I depend on the net for everything! Blogging is fast becoming an addiction too :)

  3. Another thing I am addicted to is clicking pictures with my camera. I do not use my phone camera ever! But use my SLR at the drop of a hat! Most of our holidays snaps have H in it while I am busy clickng the pictures. Sometimes I tell him people will think you went there alone, coz he hates to click and so I am almost never in the picture :(!

  4. Nintendo DS Light - yes I am addicted to my Ninetendo mainly because of Mario Bros. I grew up playing that game and now playing the new version has kept me hooked on to it once again. I love playing the mini games, and sudoku and mind games on my DS Light. I hate sharing it with any kid lest they spoil it!

  5. Singing! I cannot sit quiet while listening to a song. If I know it then I HAVE to sing it along. And well most of the times I know the lyrics. H says I waste my time and brain space to store useless stuff! But well it comes naturally to me. I remember the lyrics of most songs and as I said I have to sing along if I know it. Whether it's a good or bad thing, is for the listener to decide :)
The rest of the instructions of this tag - The persons who have been tagged have to link the blogger who tagged them and also extend the tag to five or more bloggers and link them too.

So now I tag - MySpace, Renu and Nisha. I will also leave it open for anyone else who would like to take up this tag. Kindly send me a message so I can link you here as well.

6 You Spoke:

Reflections said...

Hehe...I was wondering whether u forgot:-)
I too love to click pictures & same here...I'm almost never there in the pictures but then I have no issues coz I feel i dont photograph well:-P

I too love singing if I know the lyrics but then I never knw more than 2 lines. Only 2 hindi songs I knw by heart...'ek din bik jaayega' & 'Na bole tumne maine kuch kaha' coz I had to sing these songs on stage in school..so mugged them up:-P.
I love hindi songs but prefer the old ones!!!!!

Mampi said...

I love tea too.
But have not tried so many varieties as you. but i would, for sure.
Loved reading about your addictions.

Abraham Menacherry said...

once upon a time i was addicted to small video games... but not much anymore.

Renu said...

Thanks for tagging me, i love the tags, and i am going to do it very soon:)
Tea is my addiction also and i am very particular about tea and making process:) , I like only Red lebel-nature cure.

DeeplyDip said...

@reflections: no i did not forgot. Just got a bit busy with work isliye late ho gaya :)
Songs are very easy to remember - once you try and understand what they are saying, it becomes very easy...
@mampi: thankyou :)
@abraham: i still love my ds light :)
@renu: I love red lable too, but never tried nature cure...

my space said...

singing and tea yes...DS ..no ..i only played wen i came to dxb..yahaan yaad hee nahi aata..u forgot one...shirley bashing!!!

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