Friday, December 5, 2008

New Year's Eve

This year has flown by (tchk tchk...don't we say this every year?). But well really the year HAS flown by. I love this cool wintry season and the recent rains have been a welcome change. Suddenly everyone wants to go for a picnic, sheesha or do a barbeque at home.

The other night we met up with friends to decide on what we are going to do for New Year's Eve. I know you'll say "it's still a long time away!!". I agree. But then we have booked a camp in a nearby place where we have to make all arrangements ourselves. Since everyone has their own routines, if we don't meet up and decide now, it will never work out. Pheww!! So after loads of food and gossip we finally sat down to decide what needs to be done.

The Accountant friend was given a sheet of paper and pen (he would've preferred a comp, but anyways) to jot down the minutes of the meeting. Everything had to be decided - from the basics of getting knick knacks, milk, tea, coffee, water to entertainment (games, music etc). Everyone pitched in their ideas and then came the more serious topic - the theme??

Here are some of the ideas and why we had to discard them:
Casino - nah, we will be in a sandy beach and the guys refused to wear a tuxedo there!
Cross dressing - well kids will be with us too :)
Devils - already done last year and was lots of fun
Period character - girls refused to dress in their refineries at a beach!
Less is more (since it's recession time ;) ) - but well it will be very cold out there
So after a lot of rigmarole we finally decided on a unique theme (I chuckle) - Bollywood!! Yayy!! We have a winner! So what's the problem you say? The problem is that we have to dress in any character and do a skit for 10 minutes!! It has to be funny and entertaining! And well I have NO CLUE what to do!! The skit would follow only after we decide the character.

You'll say "Sit down with your Hubby and decide". Well I would've but Hubby has no tension and full confidence in his wife! So now I need your help in suggesting some characters we can become. I wouldn't want to do the usual ones, but something new and exciting. I was thinking Bunty and Babli. What is your opinion?
Any ideas to help me out?

PS: And oh while you are at it, please mention any fun games you know to play at the party :)
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Mumbai Diva said...

This usually turns out to be a lot of fun. Some time back, around the time when Don released, we had a similar themed party at home. Not too many people. Just three couples. And guess what, all three men turned up as Don. Tie inside shirt and all. It was hilarious.

Bunty aur Babli is actually a very cool idea.

Just call me 'A' said...

you've thought of new year already? wow. i guess it's almost here nay.
well you could try the character of Arjum Rampal and his wife from Rock On. get a guitar and do all that jazz.
have fun. post about it.

DeeplyDip said...

@Mumbai Diva: lol...if with 3 couples you had so much fun, we should def have a good time :)...will keep you posted

@Just call me 'A': ya I know its too early by any standard but well I have been a bit paranoid about things this year...Rock on charaters - actually a good idea - fighting won't be a prob here ;) Thanks for the suggestion...will keep you posted

Iya said...

do a joodha Aakbar ya..nothing gets grander..
and i would wait for your followup post..the planning sounds so much fun, i am sure the d-day wud be awesome...

Keshi said...

Some great ideas there for NY's eve.

I still hvnt thought of wut we r gonna do this year...mebbe this time ard I'll hv a quiet and meaningful one. I wanna rem all those whol lost their lives this year, light a candle and say a prayer mebbe..


Shalom said...

I'm gonna suggest Veeru & Basanti....maybe you could do the scene where he teaches her to shoot!!! ;D

And about the game, well there used to be this game we used to play back in Bombay. Its called Coffeepot and its basically a guessing game. One person - the guesser - leaves the group while the rest of you decide on a verb (for eg: blogging) Then the guesser comes back and s/he must ask questions to guess what the verb is.

The guesser could ask questions like, 'Do you coffeepot?', or 'How often do you coffeepot?' or 'Where do you coffeepot?' etc etc.

How you answer these questions is where the fun lies ..... usually whenever we played, double meanings went back and forth even if the verb was something as innocent as 'singing'. Some people would say, 'I only coffeepot with my husband/wife' or 'I love coffeepotting in a group'......anyway, once the game gets underway its a total laugh riot and the best thing is you don't need any paper or props, it can be played anywhere.

Oh and the game ends once the guesser gets the correct answer, and the last person to be questioned becomes the next guesser.

Hope I explained it well :D

Oh, and one more've been awarded!!!

Meira said...

Bunty Babli's good.
waise how about different characters from different movies? like Circuit and Basanti? The skit will be hilarious!!!
Oh.. nice blog , by the way :)

Reflections said...

Bunty & Babli is a good idea but make sure nobody else turns up in the same outfit;-P
Part Games huh....gimme some time to think;-P.

Goofy Mumma said...

What about a Loin & Mona. Its always sassy n fun. You can try the Basanti n Veeru too. Bunty and Bubly is a cool idea in itself. Have a blast lady... where are you having the party?

DeeplyDip said...

@Iya: Ya Jodha Akbar sounds fantastic but I would’nt want to spoil my clothes on the beach. Ya planning the event is good fun and I hope everyone is sporty enough to do something interesting. :)

@Keshi: Yes the atmosphere is mellow this year and as of now this is what we will be doing. Keeping our fingers crossed!
Your decision to keep it low is a good one too :)

@Shalom: Lol…Veeru and Basanti sounds good to me. And hey thanks for the lovely game. Sounds loads of fun ;) Will suggest this to my game-planning-partner!
And thankyou so much for the award!

@Meira: Lol..Circuit flirting with Basanti and teaching her how to shoot!? Good idea. Let me discuss with Circuit…I mean my hubby ;)
Thanks for dropping by

@Reflections: Oh yes I’ll enquire from everyone so that I know there are no duplicates ;)

@Goofy Mumma: I am imagining hubby in white shoes and suit and going beserk laughing! Lol…party is on a beach near Dubai. Will keep you posted. And hey thanks for dropping by :)

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