Monday, August 18, 2008

Independence Day Celebration

My first blog is about a recent ceremony I attended to celebrate the Indian Independence Day.

It was organized by one of the most respected and well established groups in Dubai. The Counsul General was the chief guest and the highlight of the event was a show by Hema Malini and her daughters.

Much to our embarassment, the speaker from the group went on to ramble about how great India was and how good we were. But alas, the speech was not well prepared, the tone and words used were normal English, there was no pathos, emotions or thought used while writing it - and all this showed very clearly while he spoke unimpressively. He went on to introduce Hema Malini as a famous bollywood actress! I mean an accomplished guest to your function deserves a better introduction. Is that all she ever did in her life? Be a Bollywood heroine?

What made us proud was the beautiful speech by the Counsul General who spoke with a lot of emotion and genuine pride in the nation. No shallow talks - but pure belief in what he spoke. And what sounded good was that he said I do not agree with the introduction given by the speaker and would like to make corrections. He went on to describe the accomplishments of the artiste and tocuh on various issues. A great show of leadership and responsibility.

The cake cutting ceremony took place where no one could view it. We were all forced to watch it on the big screens (which were going off every now and then) - and again to our amusement - it said " Happy Independence Anniversary"!! I mean I alsways thought that it was happy independence day!

All in all the event did not start till 1.30 hrs of its scheduled time, so we decided to leave without watching the performance.

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my space said...

well Indian Independence day toh IST toh hoga hee na ;-)

DeeplyDip said...

yes woh baat bhi hai...but you feel its high time organisers realise that time is precious and it is important to start on time

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